About the application: AccessABILITY Business Guide

We are a free app for Google Play Store and Apple App Store, aimed at helping people with disabilities navigate businesses and public spaces. We strive to create a more accessible world and raise awareness about barriers found in our communities.

At AccessABILITY Business Guide we strongly believe in accessibility and universal design. We’ve created this app to raise awareness about accessibility barriers in communities using two key approaches: 1) by alerting businesses to areas that are working well and areas to be improved in their physical and online spaces, with reviews provided by those with lived experiences, and 2) by helping people with disabilities navigate which businesses are accessible to their unique accessibility needs.

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Not only will AccessABILITY Business Guide allow people living with disabilities to share their opinions on businesses, it will also create further awareness on accessibility needs and barriers in our communities.

How The App Works


Posting reviews: Users have the option to post reviews as a guest or to create an account.

Read Reviews: Users can view past reviews based on a variety of search criteria.

Suggest a Business: Users can suggest a business be added to the map.

Purple graphic of a shopfront.

Claiming a business: If a business would like to claim a business as their own they are required to go through a verification process.

Creating an Account: Once verification has been approved a business can finish creating their account.

Responding to Reviews: Businesses can respond to past reviews and see accessibility areas that they can improve upon.